Supporting smooth transitions
to school

Our Education Philosophy

Creating a holistic, rich, play-based environment, with small class sizes where children can be happy, have fun and feel empowered to learn.

Embarking on the school journey is a monumental step for both children and parents. At Small Scholars, we champion a stress-free transition to school by helping parents determine when their child is ready for school. We believe in enabling families to make informed decisions, ensuring that their child enters Prep socially, emotionally, and developmentally prepared, rather than solely based on their birth date. We tailor personalized learning plans that inspire and prepare your child.


Small Scholars runs boutique classes for 3 – 6 year-olds, centred around a nurturing, play-centric environment. Our intimate class settings ensure that children experience joy, laughter, and the confidence to embrace learning. Let us redefine the early learning experience, where happiness and confidence set the foundation for successful schooling.

Our Programs

School Readiness

3.5 – 5.5 year olds

3hr & 6hr weekly classes

Full term (10 weeks)

Kindy Readiness

2.5 – 3.5 year olds

2 x 2hr weekly classes

Full term (10 weeks)

Holiday Program

3 – 6 year olds

Full day program

School holidays

NDIS Tutoring

1-on-1 teaching

Small group inclusion

Support for NDIS goals

Our Values


Nurture and nourish learning habits to build confidence and independence in each small scholar.


Find the spark within and unlock each child’s unique learning style.


Create and share moments of joy, growth and change in class and collectively celebrate learning.

What our community is saying


“Amie has wonderful interpersonal skills and easily established rapport with my daughter Poppy. Throughout their time together, Amie gently grew Poppy’s grit and resilience when encountering harder tasks and she now looks forward to overcoming obstacles in everyday learning.”

Melinda (Parent)


“Our family absolutely loves Small Scholars! Everything about it makes sense – happy relaxed beautiful space, with a passionate teacher! Our week isn’t complete without a dose of Small Scholars!! Deep learning, happy kids, easy scheduling! Makes life easy for our little 4 year old! thanks Amie!! We are so lucky to have found you!! We are prep ready!! Definitely the village we were needing to raise our wild child!!!!”

Emily (Parent)


“Amie has created a magical space at Small Scholars. My son looks forward to each session and has developed skills that make me feel confident that he will succeed at prep next year. Thank you Small Scholars!”

Angie (Parent)


“Amie is an honest, self motivated, trustworthy and extremely reliable educator. She is sensitive and attentive to the needs of the students and very knowledgeable with the current early learning and primary school curriculum. When students were asked to provide feedback they enthusiastically responded that Amie was kind, joyful and fun. Many Students were so excited to come to school each day to learn. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Amie and Small Scholars and for the next step in your child’s learning.”

Lisa (Principal)


“We found out about Small Scholars through a local bookshop and it has changed my sons outlook to school, in such a few weeks. He’s highly sensitive and Amie has been so kind, understanding and patient with both him and I from the very beginning. My son loves going now and asks when it’s time to go to Amie’s. The program is brilliant and we get pictures to see what they have done in the day, however my son is so excited afterwards he tells me all about it! We cannot recommend small scholars enough for school readiness.”

Shauna (Parent)


“I can’t speak highly enough of this incredible program. We enrolled my daughter in their school holiday program. Initially I was nervous as she wasn’t familiar with the teachers or environment but the moment she walked in she felt at home, and ran through the door the following days. She also isn’t your neurotypical 5 year old and they took time to learn with her, understand her, and adapt to her. It was just beautiful. Can’t wait to enroll her in the next school holiday program.”

Helen (Parent)