Kindy Readiness

What is Kindy Readiness class?

This is a beautiful opportunity for your toddler to enjoy structured and unstructured play-based learning. Its designed to be a stepping stone to help support your little one with their transition into daycare, kindy and school readiness.

Kindy Readiness classes are run as a package of 2 x 2hr classes each week durign the term (Monday and Tuesday, 9am – 11am).


  • Playdough and clay to developing finger strength and dexterity
  • Beads, laces, and strings to help improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor control
  • Cutting and pasting using child-safe scissors to develop hand strength.
  • Obstacle courses to grow muscles and to enhance the connection of left/right brain
  • Blocks and puzzles to help improve fine motor control and dexterity
  • Drawing and coloring to learn holding and controlling a pencil, crayon, or paintbrush

Benefits of joining our community


Toddlers learn to share, cooperate, and communicate through interacting with peers. Play-based settings at Kindy Readiness foster these vital social skills early on.

Cognitive development

Kindy Readiness playgroup activities boost toddlers’ imagination and cognitive growth. They enhance problem-solving abilities critical for early learning.

Physical development

Our program offers physical activities that enhance toddlers’ motor skills, coordination, and balance. Kindy Readiness supports their physical growth through play.

Emotional development

Toddlers gain independence and self-confidence with Kindy Readiness. Positive experiences nurture their self-esteem as they accomplish new milestones.

Support for parents

Kindy Readiness is half-day support that offers camaraderie among parents while children socialise and practise separation in a structured environment.

Relaxation and fun

Kindy Readiness provides a stress-free space for play while parents accomplish tasks during the 3-hour class. It’s a homely environment for growth and fun.