Our program compliments formal kindy and incorporates elements of Prep via a mix of active and calm, play-based activities. We know every child learns differently and develops at a different rate, so our teachers tailor their approach based on each child’s unique ability. The feedback we receive is that our small scholars love their small school!

Whilst our program incorporates quiet and calm activities within the day, we don’t offer a formal nap time. If you child needs a rest, we can set aside a quiet place with pillows, however we do not have beds/matresses in the classroom.

Whilst our teachers can help your little one if they have an accident, we need to maintain lessons and supervision of all our small scholars, thus we kindly request that you only book if your child is toilet trained.

Our lessons and activities have been specifically developed for 3 – 6 year olds. Within this age band, we ensure we match children of similar age and development levels and run split lessons/activities accordingly, so rest assured your small scholar will be interacting with children similar to them.

We have a rest and snack break during our classes, however we do not provide food for our School Readiness and Kindy Readiness classes. We kindly ask you pack a small lunchbox for your child. During our Holiday Programs, we will provide a healthy afternoon snack (catering for dietary needs), however your child will still need their own lunch.

Please pack a back back for your child with the following: hat, water bottle, lunchbox, a spare change of clothes and a messy shirt/apron (for art). Feel free to include your little one’s favourite comfort toy if they need.